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Falcon Lightwind

Enter the world of light wind excellence with the Falcon Lightwind, and enjoy what those empty lakes and light wind destinations have to offer. Up on the plane with minimum input, its efficiency is perfectly complemented by effortless top speeds and outstanding control. No wind, no worries!

The wide – 90 cm – surface area means that getting up on the plane in even the lightest breeze is a problem of the past. The definitive weapon of choice for light wind racing, hit cruise control for competitive upwind reaches. With the extensive knowledge of our world class Slalom programme and the demands from champion riders packed into one board, no wind days just got fun! The Falcon Lightwind comes in our affordable Biax fibre construction and includes a Race fin for a complete ›ready to race‹ package.

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Falcon Lightwind 159


159 l


90 cm


230 cm


9,02 kg


Choco Fins Black Pearl 50 cm TT / Deep Tuttle Box (Foil approved); >> Foil screw length under "Fins" Tab

Recommended Sailsize

< 11.0 m²

Article Number


Colour Codes

  • White
  • 186 C
  • White

*Weight tolerances of ± 6% (HRS ± 8%) possible.

  • Specialized shape for light winds
  • Following the lead of the successful Falcon TE models
  • Finely tuned fin and mast position for early planing and acceleration
  • Super efficient cut out design for top control at high speeds
  • Recessed mastfoot area for maximum control
  • Ergonomic rail design for grip and 100 % power from start to finish
  • Optimised volume flow for balance and easy planing through lulls and gybes
  • Proven rocker delivering top speeds and control
  • Special light wind inserts
  • Including Slalom Choco Fin Black Pearl 50 cm
  • Foil approved Deep Tuttle box

Biax Fibre / Full PVC Sandwich Light Finish Technology (BXF)

When combined with the sandwich construction, this high quality Full Biax Glass and full PVC specification provides an optimised weight / stiffness / flex ratio.

Performance Features
› Absorbs force from impact extremely well due to 45 / 45 degree weave, and achieves maximum strength via an extra layer of fibres on top with a 90 degree weave
› Light and durable
› Full PVC construction
› Biax Glass T-Stringer for maximum stiffness
› Light weight finish

Falcon Lightwind 159


1x Choco Fins Black Pearl 50cm TT; Deep Tuttle Box