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Rapid Air

Paddle and raft through rivers, streams, rapids and boiling white waters with our Rapid Air! Bulletproof, super stable and equipped with ultimate turning performance, this is the top choice for the explorer looking to find surf away from the ocean.

The Rapid Air is designed to take anyone from the first time paddler to experienced rider onboard. Delivering relaxed floaty fun and next level surfing down white water rapids, there’s hours of enjoyment waiting to be had. Its width of 36″ and almost 300l of volume, you’ll stay securely on board for as long as possible. Four little HD fins support tight turns, allowing the board to slide through shallow waters. Built to last, the Double Layer HD Technology with additional rail reinforcement makes this river and rafting iSUP ultra robust. For the most convenient form of transportation, the Rapid Air comes with our premium Wheely Backpack including the new Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for quick inflation.

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Rapid Air 9'6"


326 l


36”/ 91.4 cm


9’6”/ 289.6 cm


6”/ 15 cm


12.5 kg


4 × glued 7cm HD fins

Recommended User Weight

50 - 100+ kg

Mastfoot Insert


Article Number


*Weight tolerances of ± 8% possible

  • Wide compact shape for extra stability and manoeuvrability in streams and wild waters
  • Double Layer HD Technology built to last
  • Produced at the world’s most renowned manufacturer with top quality materials and production process
  • Unmatched air pressure : stiffness ratio
  • HD Mini Quad Fin setup for quick turning and shallow waters
  • Full deck/base quality printing and rail design in superior optics
  • Diamond grooving footpad for ultimate grip and comfort in shaded colour for muddy feet
  • Multiple comfy carrying and safety handles
  • Quality stainless eyelets to attach leash or lines for safe portaging
  • Deck net to attach equipment
  • Wheely Backpack with easy entry zip, padded straps, belts & accessory compartments for effortless packing and transportation
  • New Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for fast and comfortable inflation

Double Layer HD (Heavy Duty) Technology

Built to last, our Double Layer (HD) technology is an inflatable construction for heavy duty usage. The triple layer rail construction (Viper Air, Rapid Air, Rapid Air Touring & Tandem Air Premium) ensures better stiffness and durability. For the Ripper Air Windsurf, we use a Double Layer rail construction to save some weight. Stiffness and performance is guaranteed, as the Double Layer HD technology can take more than 20 PSI of air pressure if needed, we recommend 15 PSI.

Rapid Air HD glued fins


4 x glued HD Fins 7cm