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Tandem Air Premium

Why go alone when you can have double the fun! Take a loved one, a youngster or simply your best mate onboard, and enjoy the ride with a two stroke engine!

SUP lovers and Windsurf enthusiasts will get equal enjoyment out of our brand new Tandem iSUP. Our Double Layer HD Technology creates maximum stiffness with an ideal weight : durability ratio for these 16 feet of fun. Take from a SUP and turn it into a Windsurf Tandem through the removable center and rear fins, and the two mastfoot inserts. For easy transportation, we’ve developed a Premium Bag for the Tandem Air, including our new Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for quick and easy inflation.

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Tandem Air Premium 16'0"


505 l


34" / 86.4 cm


16' / 487.6 cm


6" / 15 cm


18.0 kg


2 x Fly 19.5cm / US Box

Mastfoot Insert


Article Number


*Weight tolerances of ± 8% possible

  • Ultra long outline with good glide, great stability and flotation
  • Plenty of space for two people including two windsurfing rigs
  • High Quality Double Layer HD technology with top materials and manufacturing
  • Comfortable and grippy footpad, towing eyelet and comfy carrying handles
  • Removable center and rear US-Box fin, no tools needed
  • Deck net to attach luggage
  • Excellent Wheely Bag with accessory compartments for ease of transport
  • New Fanatic Power Pump HP2
  • 2 x mastfoot inserts for windsurfing option

Double Layer Heavy Duty Technology (DL HD)

Built to last, our Double Layer (HD) technology is an inflatable construction for heavy duty usage. The triple layer rail construction (Viper Air, Rapid Air, Rapid Air Touring & Tandem Air Premium) ensures better stiffness and durability. For the Ripper Air Windsurf, we use a Double Layer rail construction to save some weight. Stiffness and performance is guaranteed, as the Double Layer HD technology can take more than 20 PSI of air pressure if needed, we recommend 15 PSI.